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Self Care Defined

Self Care is defined as taking action to preserve or improve the care of one-self. When some people discuss self care, the conversation can range from preserving space for one-self that may involve baths, trips and spa treatments and others will focus solely on health and wellness component. There is no 1 answer. There is however a history and an evolution. Initially, self care began with an initiative to preserve wellness as it relates to physical health and evolved to include mental health with a focus on anxiety and depression. Over time, self care has evolved to include activities unrelated to physical health. One could argue that these activities are just as important as the original concept; however, this is not true for everyone. Some believe that “self care” has too much emphasis on the bubbles, and indulgent activities and do not lend itself to focusing on the physical health of its origin. I encourage you to take some time to sit with yourself and connect how you feel as you review this journal and complete the self care check list. My hope is that you find a definition and plan that will provide what you need to live a better lifestyle. Our focus will cover 5 key areas, physical health, mental health, spirituality, communication and finances.

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