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Self Care is Not Always Fun and Bubbly

Self-care is not always fun and bubbly. While I am always down for a warm bubble bath, a fun activity, a vacation/weekend get a way or a sweet treat to comfort myself, self care is much more involved. There are multiple components that we must take a good look at to ensure we are are addressing every aspect of our care and that includes but is not limited to our mental health, our physical health, our spirituality, our communication with others and our finances. While spending time alone, or on a mini vacation can give us the quiet space we need to reflect, we must take a holistic approach and give attention to each of these areas in our life to balance the wellness.

The reality is that we have to confront these areas and that may bring on pain and discomfort. For example, anxiousness and fear can cause us to procrastinate and put off scheduling that appointment because we are afraid of unknown outcomes. A depressed mood may be why spending without a plan is a part of our normal routine. Fighting with others and unknowingly avoiding what is really going on inside may be a contributing factor of our limited or miscommunication with others. These are Just a few areas of self care that will be discussed in our safe space. Self Care In Action.

Stay tuned! We will take our time to unpack and address each topic in detail.

Darlene Griffin, LCSW-C, CFSW

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